Class: Wizard
Requirement: Fight and Will 2 or higher.

You are confident in hand to hand combat, comfortable in armor, and mix blade and magic flawlessly.


Minor- You gain proficiency with 1 Weapon Group from the following list: Axes, Bludgeons, Heavy Blades, Light Blades, or Spears.

Major- (Warcaster Mode) Energy Blade- Use an Activate action and spend MP=Willpower. Until you use another Activate action to turn it off, use Willpower instead of Strength for damage with 1 melee weapon.


Minor- Gain Novice level of Armor Talent. In addition, you become proficient with Medium Shields.

Major- (Warcaster Mode) Spell Stunts- While in Warcaster Mode, you can use the Imposing Spell and Disrupt Magic stunts with a melee attack. In addition, they each cost 1 less stunt point.


Minor- All armors cause 2 less Strain.

Major- (Warcaster Mode) Damage Shield- While in Warcaster Mode, you are surrounded by a magical damage shield. Any adjacent enemy that takes a melee attack against you takes penetrating damage equal to half your Willpower (round down). Add +1 to the damage for each of the following spells you know: Protective Winds, Stone Cloak, Burning Shield, Hero’s Might, Spell Ward, or Water Wall.


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