Creating New Specializations:

So, we’ve talked about this. Book Specializations are very underpowered for our purposes, so we are going to create our own. If you want to create one, please use the guidelines below. If you want to use one from the book, and use the guidelines to beef it up, that’s ok too.

All eventual Specializations need to be approved by the GM.

Guidelines per level:

1 Minor Ability- Examples: One (or two related) Stunts cost 1 less, 1 level of a Talent, 1 Weapon Group, non-combat special ability like Sense Evil, Wards, Magical Tracking, etc., new Stunt (1-2 point)

1 Major Ability- Examples: Combat bonuses, like an attack bonus vs. a limited target or a aura/shield of some kind, Ability that grants Healing, like Lay on Hands, Ability that mimics a spell (can be a little more powerful than a spell if there is some limiting factor, like once per day, etc.), a new Stunt (3 point or higher),

Mitigating Factors: In general, you should try to balance these out. Example- if an ability can effect Will# of people, it should also be limited to once a day, or require an activation roll, or something.

Things that Make an Ability more Powerful- Range, Multiple Targets (either enemies or allies), Duration like “till the end of the encounter”, Area Effect, pluses above +2, etc.

Things that Limit an Ability- Use an Activation or Major action to activate, Charges, Activation Roll, MP cost (if a Mage), limited target (only undead, or only orcs, etc.), uses Stunt Points to activate, other powers turned off while the ability is on, etc.

Notes: Some of the other sources Joe and I have been looking at make a lot of use of “Modes”- like “Enter Warcaster Mode”, or “Enter Berserk Mode”, which requires an activation action and maybe an activation roll/MP cost, etc.- special abilities might be linked within the mode at different levels, so the mode becomes more powerful as you rise in level. Usually the Mode has some drawbacks, too, like other powers not being available while it’s on, or minuses to certain rolls for a short time once it’s off, etc.


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