History of Hemland


The western continent (called Hemland) was only “colonized” 500 years ago by “civilized folk” from the east. There were native tribes of humans, dwarves, orcs, and elves living in Hemland, but they were quickly driven west or north, killed, or incorporated into the newcomer’s culture.

The native races were not significantly physically different than the colonizers, suggesting that there had been previous waves of colonization, and although the natives had no records of how long they had been on Hemland, modern scholars believe it to be no more than a few thousand years.

The invaders were fleeing the great BLANK empire that had taken over the continent to the west. BLANK had developed into an oppressive Theocracy, and people from all over the Empire fled west to ensure their religious and magical freedom.

The Settlers: 500-400 years ago

It only took about 100 years to settle the south-eastern shore and spread inland along the rolling plains and wide rivers of Hemland. During this time, dozens of small kingdoms were set up, most of them no more than hilltop palisades with a few hundred people. However, much more land was claimed than was inhabited, and people didn’t venture into the northern or western forest or the mountains if they could help it. Native tribes that were driven from their homes settled in these areas and survive there to this day.

The Kingdom Wars: 400-200 years ago

As the land filled in with people, small kingdoms came into conflict with each other over land and river claims and resources. Wars broke out, battles were fought, lands were won and lost and consolidated. At the end of this tumultuous time, only six moderately sized kingdoms remained.

History of Hemland

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