Hemland Geography


The south and central eastern part of Hemland is by far the most habitable region, with rolling hills, small sections of woodlands, and wide, navigable rivers.

To the north, it gets cold quickly. There is a region of rocky pine forests which eventually gives way to tundra and the iceflows of the far north.

The west is dominated by the World’s Edge Mountains, a ragged gash of impossibly high mountains that marks the end of the world as far as anyone knows (since no one from the civilized lands has ever crossed them).

The Highlands-
Just getting to the mountains would be quite a feat, since to the east of the mountains is the Highlands, a plateau of wind-swept high desert plains, jagged rock and lost valleys.

Dread Forest-
Just to the east of the Highlands, spreading from the middle of the continent to the southern shore, is a vast, brooding forest alternately called the Wailing Wood, the Shadowood, or the Dark Wood.

Hemland Geography

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