Kingdom: Helgred


Stronom, population 6,000. The city is about 2/3 underground and houses the largest concentration of dwarves on the continent. About 60% of the city’s inhabitants are dwarves.

Ruling Monarchy:

Clan Stonefist founded the kingdom. They were a clan that came across the sea, but the coastline held few hills or mountains, so they were one of the first to push west. They eventually made peace with several native dwarf clans who worked together to wrest control of the Helgred Hills from goblins. The current king is HRM Arkay Stonefist VIII.


45% Dwarf, 20% Human, 20% Gnome, 10% Hobbit, scattered Elves and Orcs.

View of Magic:

Helgred has outlawed Necromancy and Demonology. There is a small academy in Stronom that teaches a half-dozen Arcana, focusing heavily on Earth and some lesser known Arcana like Metal. However, by treaty with Arroden, they are free to send their most “gifted” students to the College Arcanum for a small fee, which they often do, particularly dwarves and gnomes of middle or upper class. Outside the main cities, an informal and often secret master/apprentice relationship still exists. Over the last century, these wizards have learned to stay well-hidden or only do minor magics that gain the support of their community. Still, away from the dwarfholds, wild magic could easily fester in hinterlands.


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